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Amnesty International

http://www.io.org/amnesty/ is the address of the official WWW Site for Amnesty International, and is a joint effort of the International Secretariat, AI's permanent international administrative office, and the Canadian National Section/English Speaking (ESCS). This site is by far the most complete and contains a wealth of information, searchable databases, on-line reports, press releases, and other material.

Human Rights Organizations & Resources


This site has information on

Email lists and Newsgroups mailing lists

which we have taken the liberty of repeating in this document.

The site also has many links to:
International Human Rights organizations and resources
Human Rights Organizations
UN and Government Human Rights sites
Other Human Rights resources

Email lists and Newsgroups mailing lists

A good source of information for Human Rights researchers is the Human Rights Research mailing list.
This list is closed, which means that the list owner must approve you for membership.

To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV%BINGVMB.BITNET@uga.cc.uga.edu,
with any subject line, and the following line in the body of your message:
Subscribe HRS-L YourFirstName YourLastName

Your subscription will be sent to the list owner for approval. Thereafter, to post messages to this list,
send your email to: HRS-L%BINGVMB.BITNET@uga.cc.uga.edu


Another resource is the Usenet newsgroup soc.rights.human. If you have a question about a particular group or issue, you can post here and get lots of answers. The soc.culture.* hierarchy can be helpful if you want to learn about a particular country or region, and the soc.religion.* hierarchy can be helpful if you need ot learn about a particular religion or sect.

UN docs on civil and political rights:


Some of these documents are reproduced some on this site. The rest are available through direct links from magnacartaplus.org: click here



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